Property and Casualty Insurance


Commercial Coverage

As our clients are busy building their businesses, we are busy protecting them.   

We partner with our clients to find the best coverage for their unique needs.  We put coverage in place to protect clients from lawsuits, property damage, loss of income and cyber liability. 

We are independent advisors who represent multiple carriers to provide you with the most objective and cost efficient options.  


Auto and Homeowners Coverage

We believe auto and homeowners insurance is necessary coverage that we hope our clients never need.  Unfortunately, statistics illustrate the importance of the coverage.  

According to the U.S. Department of Transporation, there were 6,296,000 auto accidents in 2015, that is 12 accidents per minute.  

Most homeowners claims are for weather related damage, with wind damage accounting for around 25%.  While weather related are the most common, fire is the most costly.  According to the Insurance information Institute, the average cost of fire and lightning claims is over $43,000.   

We understand that your personal and financial well-being are at risk without the proper coverage.  Let us help you protect you and your family from the unexpected.  


More than just auto and home...

As times change, the risks we are exposed to also adjust.  For example, claims costs increase and new risks threaten our financial independence.  

In addition to auto and home insurance, an umbrella policy may be an affordable tool to provide essential coverage against larger claims. 

Identity theft is a growing concern.  Most experts believe that at some point all of us will be victims.  In today's electronic environment,a Cyber liability policy is critical.